Tunnel Engineering Services (TES) has passed the quality standard BS EN 1090 for structural steel, allowing the tunnelling equipment company to CE Mark temporary and permanent steel structures.

The Factory Production Control certificate gives TES approval to design and fabricate structural steelwork up to Execution Class 3, covering a wide variety of vital erections.

Since July 2014, the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) has mandated the BS EN 1090 requirement for construction products sold in Europe. Organisations that design and manufacture specified steel structures and components must adhere to this standard.

TES took the decision to apply for the certification after noticing an increase in demand for CE Marking on temporary steel structures as well as permanent assemblies.

Design and Project Manager Alan Worsley explains: “In the codified specifications, BS EN 1090 only applied to structural works that are installed in a permanent manner. Many engineers were happy for temporary tunnelling structures such as viewing platforms and hand rails to go without CE Marking.

“Recently, however, we have noticed a change in attitudes and now more engineers are asking for CE marking on all onsite steel structures, including temporary structures.

“By securing BS EN 1090, we aim to work more closely on larger projects, fulfilling a greater role on site.”

TES was awarded the certificate on October 27, following four months of preparation work.

The certificate was awarded by testers from Centre for Assessment Ltd, who were satisfied that TES’ policies, procedures and personnel met the requisite quality standards.

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