The Tunnel Engineering Services (UK) Ltd Mechanised Excavator Machine consists of a telescopic excavator mounted on a slew ring which is fixed in the crown of an ‘open’ face shield.

Excavator machines are a cost effective method of tunnelling with ease of operation.  They can be fitted with interchangeable attachments for differing ground conditions; hammers, radial cutting heads and various bucket configurations.

Ranging in sizes from 1200 mm (1430 mm o.dia) and upwards for man entry operation.

The operator station is situated in the shield which utilises joystick controls to excavate.

Muck is removed by a hydraulically driven belt conveyor and guidance by hydraulic steering rams.

The machine components, boom and conveyor have been designed for ease of removal for transfer to different sizes of shield within each size range.

The equipment is powered by surface mounted power packs or can be supplied with power modules within the shield (usually the larger sizes).

Cost effective tunnelling equipment

As in all the TES (UK) Ltd range of equipment, it is built of modular design enabling sections to be added for different applications.  Modules can also be interchanged with other types of TES UK machines, mainly TBM’s (Tunnel Boring Machines) and Roadheader Machines in pipejack or segmental layout.
Typical support module include:

· Push/Telescopic Cans.
· Gripper/Anti-roll Cans.
· Segment Erector Systems.
· Face closure doors (optional).
· Segment Handling Systems.
· Muck Haulage Systems.
· Pipe Jacking Rigs.
· Interjack Stations.
· Power Packs.