Tunnel Engineering Services (UK) Ltd has developed a hydraulically driven 48″ Auger Bore Machine based on our well proven and rugged diesel driven units.

Designed specifically to operate out of small shafts and work in conjunction with guided boring systems to enable installation of pipe up to 48″ (1200 mm) to meet the grade and alignment precision the Utilities industry demands.

Where line and accuracy are paramount the TES (UK) Ltd Auger Bore Machine used in conjunction with an Akkerman Guided Boring Machine provides the accuracy needed for consistent success.

Auger Boring Machine Manufacturer

Manufactured with a sturdy load dissipating frame and transmission capable of producing 164,000 Nm (122,000 lbf.ft) of maximum torque and 2,666 kN (600,000 lb) maximum thrust.

Compact machine length to work out of a 3.66 metre shaft with extension tracks available for longer pipe installations.

The TES (UK) Ltd Power Unit provides the Auger Bore Machine with a massive available power of 169 kW (222 hp).  The unit is set remote from the immediate work area with hydraulic hoses and control cable running between the power pack and auger bore machine, and is operated by a pendant allowing the operator to control all the functions in the pit bottom.

All the above coupled together, produces a versatile, powerful, robust Auger Boring Machine to complement our existing Guided Boring Equipment.